Established artists reinvented

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Criolo & Milton

Não existe amor em SP
In this new version of his first big hit, "Não Há Amor em SP", rapper Criolo invited a famous MPB singer from Minas Gerais, Milton Nascimento, and made a beautiful audiovisual recording showing the empty streets of São Paulo right at the beginning of the pandemic. The clip shows the introspection and emptiness that was reflected in us during this time of fear and uncertainty.


Bahian singer Majur recorded this song of love and affection in her first guitar composition. She dedicated it to a friend who has been a part of her life for over a decade. Majur also made this song to honor the strengthening of relationships during the isolation period. The song features a simple and delicate video, which shows her relationship with the color pink.
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Cuidado paixão (Be careful, my love)
From the powerful Rio scene, Letrux released his second album, "Aos Prantos", on March 13, 2020, the day that the first lockdown began in Brazil. With their tour canceled and no return scheduled, the band recorded an extra EP, titled "Prantos Pandêmicos" at the end of the year with five new tracks in the new versions of the album. One of these new tracks including this one, in English, produced by Thiago Rebello. To record the video clips, the band met on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, where Letícia Novas stayed isolated during the pandemic, and made fun, colorful and trippy recordings.

Baco Exu do Blues

O sol mais quente
With a new record up his sleeve, the pandemic redefined his existence and the Bahian rapper in just three days recorded at his house another album: "Não Bacanal na quarentena". Throughout these nine tracks, Bacchus reflects on the wounds around questions of societal, routine and racial issues impacted by the coronavirus. In "O sol mais quente", with Aisha, Bacchus says: "You want to hear the voice of God, go to the Northeast / And listen to the people / Put your ear to the earth and listen to the world / Coronavirus reminds me of slavery / Whites from outside coming and fucking everything / The warmer sun makes everything clearer, but I'm still in the dark ".
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Another delicious voice from Bahia, the singer Illy took advantage of the pandemic and maternity leave to play with the possibilities that this moment in isolation brought her and paid tribute to one of her idols, the singer Belo. Just as she did on the album with Elis Regina's songs, "Te Adorando pelo Avesso", Illy brought another varnish to the classic pagode, making it more poppy. In the audiovisual recording recorded at home, the Bahian singer challenges herself in this loving conflict.


Passou, passou
One of the biggest and most productive names of new MPB, the young artist from the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo defied the limits of the pandemic and released his fifth studio album, which he called Cinco. He joined once again with his talented brother Lucas Silva to compose the 14 tracks on this disc, which navigate solo and romantic themes, without losing three poetic and solitary textures which have defined his discography since Brasileiro. "Passou, passou", with a delicious ska footprint, is one such song which also brings with it a fun pop music video that talks about the end of a tragic love story.
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Gaby Amarantos, ft. Ney Matogrosso e Urias

Vênus em Escorpião
In this song about intense love in the midst of chaos, the artist from the Brazilian state of Pará joined two illustrious names and promoted a cross-generational collaboration with the avant-garde and transgressor Ney Matogrosso and wonderful Urias. For the video clip, Gaby took the opportunity to go further and record her criticisms of what the land and environment has been suffering due to the "herding the cattle" leading to deforestation and fires.


Reza forte
A kind of collective catharsis in the form of a band, BaianaSystem revolutionized the music scene in Bahia and Brazil. Led by Russo Passapusso and Robertinho Barreto, the group brought new oxygen and opened space for other revelations that keep coming up in this effervescent land - far beyond a musical standpoint. At a time when it is impossible to think of a cathartic show in Bahia, the band presents us with a musical trilogy named OXEAXEEU (a combination of the interjection oxe, the axé greeting and the Orixá Exu). Part of the first act ("Navio Pirata") has the song "Reza Forte" pave the way through rapper BNegão’s collaboration in which he talks about the ancestral faith of people of African descent.
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Emicida & Gilberto Gil

É tudo pra ontem
One of the greatest thinkers in Brazil, Emicida took his brilliant album AmarElo to the Municipal Theater at the end of 2019, just before the pandemic. And what was supposed to be a recording of his presentation ended up becoming a documentary, a beautiful lesson-tribute to black Brazilian culture and a social analysis of Brazil. In "AmarElo - É Tudo pra Ontem" (Netflix), Emicida builds bridges and makes Brazilians rethink their role in Brazilian society and in the current ambiance of hatred. This unprecedented - and beautiful - partnership with Gilberto Gil emerged from that documentary, which led to a visual recording of Emicida at the foot of the Municipal Theater where that historic presentation night was held.

Gal Costa & Tim Bernardes

Stuck at home due to the pandemic, the Bahian Gal Costa presented us with an album in which she revisits her repertoire in new versions and duos with singers and composers, such as Seu Jorge, Jorge Drexler, Criolo and Zeca Veloso. One of the most beautiful songs in her repertoire - composed by Caetano Veloso for Maria Bethânia, but recorded by Gal in 1968 in the anthological "Tropicália ou Panis et Circenses" -, "Baby" won the collaboration of Tim Bernardes, one of the greatest talents of the new musical generation. The resulting song is unmatched beauty and makes this version a gem, one of the most beautiful on record.
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Na tela
The Bahian singer living in São Paulo took advantage of the pandemic to reflect on virtual relationships in this single, "Na Tela"that emerged from a reflection on virtual relationships during the isolation period, in apps, lives, zooms, and other virtual communication tools. Pitty jokes "right when I thought, hey, here she comes, between you and me there was a screen.”




Duda Beat was one of the first to find this boy through a cover on the internet. It was enough to arouse interest in this prodigious composer. The young man from Minas Gerais state is only 14 years old. Nevertheless, he took advantage of the pandemic and distance learning, to dedicate himself to his music projects and wrote (and recorded, in a week!) songs that speak of a feeling he does not know yet, but idealizes: love. The catchy tune "Rosa", the song chosen for this playlist, also has an adorable clip showing him singing.
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Zé Manoel

Adupé Obaluaê
In a year marked by a pandemic and Black Lives Matter all over the world, this pianist and composer from Pernambuco immersed himself deeply in his ancestry, combining speech and sound wealth. In "Do meu Coração Nu", Zé Manoel delivers a message that shows that History was written by white hands and does not tell not exalts the black people and culture, but rather diminishes their pain and maintains the racism in Brazil. "História Antiga", for example, recalls the 80 shots fired by the Rio police in broad daylight that killed musician Evaldo Rosa when he went with his family for a baby shower. At a time like this, when we are so hoping for a cure, Zé delivers even more beauty in "Adupé Obaluaê". A song, whose verses arrived to him in a dream, and has a beautiful video with a performance by Gil Alves in it in which he evokes the orixá of the Obaluaê cure.

Fran & Chico Chico

Grandson of Gilberto Gil and son of Cássia Eller, Francisco Gil and Chico Chico added their precious genes to a record that enhances their musical talents. Recorded during the pandemic, the album "De Onde?" reinterprets great songs that avoid repertoire obviousness, such as "Árvore", by Edson Gomes, "Procissão", by Gilberto Gil and "Isso Não Vai Ficar Assim", by avant-garde Itamar Assumpção, who died in 2003. “Ninguém", authored by both musicians is the only unpublished work on the album that was recorded in a studio following pandemic protocols.
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Living in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, the couple Tiago Soares and Gabriel Silva, who form the duo Dulcineia, took advantage of contact with nature to playfully talk about meetings, new beginnings, and the move from the big city to the forest - a common destination for many who for financial or mental health reasons also opted for a greener life. With a pop texture, Dulcineia takes us to more peaceful and colorful places, by taking people out of the dark chaos in songs like "Tourmaline," with recordings done in a live like style.

Jup do Bairro

O Corre
Recorded with collective funding, Jup do Bairro brought songs to her debut work that cover various topics, such as gender, sexuality, racism, depression and life in the outskirts. "Corpo sem Juízo" is an EP-manifesto full of powerful messages and artistic wealth. Even with her musical partner powerhouse Linn da Quebrada, Jup is much closer to rock than to the sagacious funks of long ago. Similarly in her duo with Deize Tigrona, veteran of funk, it's her metal that commands the music. Recorded shortly before the pandemic, this work was finished in social isolation, as fun video clips were created remotely with full effects and animations. "O Corre" is another one of the multifaceted portraits of this great woman.
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Kunumi MC

Força de Tupã
In times when some took advantage of the pandemic to "herd the cattle", Kunumi MC's voice is even more welcome to sing against attacks on nature. And the Guarani rapper allied with the Colombian artist Lozk to invoke the strength of the Tupã in these very difficult moments and to shed light on the darkness, which is, in fact, a visual symbolism in the audiovisual record. In music, Kunumi also extols sacred medicines, in search of a message of peace and hope. The video clip was recorded at a distance between the Krukutu tribal land in Parelheiros (SP), where Kunumi lives, and the city of Bogotá, where Lozk lives.

Yan Cloud

After a Carnival that promised to open the way to fame, with several trios and stage events in Salvador, one of the biggest hits of Bahia, Yan Cloud found himself stuck at home with no prospects to continue doing shows. He took advantage of the isolation to put into practice his work. Hence Pinkboy, one of the most interesting works of last year was developed. A young, black man from the city outskirts, Yan uses pink as an aesthetic to question how toxic masculinity and homophobia can be harmful. From personal experiences come songs like” O que Cês Esperam” which questions the racist stereotypes of whiteness, with verses like "What do you expect from me? / An arrogant young black man? / Committing robberies with your gang? / Who does not use his head? just glans? ". Another jewel of his work, "Bafana" is a hymn-exaltation to the self-esteem of the young black man. As the phrase says: "Hi lovely followers, an amazing black man is going on your timeline."
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Marina Sena

Me Toca
From the Minas Gerais band Rosa Neon, Marina Sena ventured into a solo project that maintained the same pop footprint of her past trajectory. Were it not for the pandemic, "Me Toca" would certainly have been on every dancefloor last summer and a carnivalistic hit. It was on almost every playlist and was one of the 50 most viralized on Spotify. Marina fell in love with her first album and threw herself into the fun pop clip, with a touch of flirtiness and freedom - which includes longing, right?

Numa Ciro

A arte é mulher
It is never too late for anything, as proved by Numa Ciro. After making occasional appearances on the underground scene in Rio, this woman originally from Paraiba but living in Rio de Janeiro finally recorded her first album, at the age of 70. Produced by her friend and percussionist Lan Lahn, the disc brought together partnerships with César Lacerda, José Miguel Wisnkik and João Donato, in addition to a "posthumous partnership" with Luiz Gonzaga. Such a woman did not fail to give her feminist message, as she does in the very interesting song "A Arte é Mulher". "The woman, by herself, was created / The thought left her mouth / Before that the language was hollow / To the feeling, she gave a heart / Inventor of Love and reason / Art is Woman".
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