Open Call




I.1. Promoted by C.P. Battistoni Design Cultural ME (“Amarello Design de Experiência Cultural”) headquartered at Rua João Felipe Silva, 145, São Paulo - SP, registered with CNPJ 24.373.414 / 0001-24, the Mostra Museu – Arte na Quarentena, the project made possible by the PROAC EXPRESSO LEI ALDIR BLANC Nº 40/2020, invites artists to send records of their works created during the quarantine for an exhibition that will take place between February and April 2021 on the project's digital platforms (website and social networks), on the printed and digital panels of transportation points and on other public spaces in the city of São Paulo- SP.

I.2. In view of the current reality regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers of the exhibition reserve the right to change the date of the exhibition if necessary.

I.3. The main objective of this call is a selection of visual art projects by Brazilian and international artists, which aims to give visibility to the modes of artistic creation and production during the quarantine. The exhibition aims to encourage contemporary research in visual arts with ethos regarding transforming routine around the world, providing artistic enjoyment through the internet, social networks, and in non-conventional exhibition spaces through the display of projects at public transportation sites and in urban media locations throughout the city of São Paulo - SP.

I.4. The visual arts projects will be selected by the curators and displayed on digital platforms and urban exhibition spaces according to the curatorial, logistics, and production criteria of Mostra Museu.

I.5. The Curatorship of the visual arts Mostra Museu is shared between Ana Carolina Ralston (Brazil) and CAM: The Covid Art Museum (Spain) and takes place in two stages. The first is a selection of projects from the CAM collection. The second stage is carried out through a selection of submitted projects through this call for projects.


II.1. O período para submissão das propostas é do dia 11 de fevereiro de 2021 e se encerra dia 11 de março de 2021, às 17h59, horário de Brasília, Brasil

II.2. Only applications from applicants over 18 years of age will be accepted.

II.3. This call has a national and international scope.

II.4. Entries will be made exclusively online, by completing the registration form available on the website: and through links on the Mostra Museu’s official social networks.

II.5. Each applicant may register up to (02) two works that have been produced during the quarantine, though each work submitted requires its own entry form.

II.6. In the event of registering a collectively created work, the registration form must contain the data of only one applicant who will represent the collective, though the authorship of the work should be the name of the collective.

II.7.  Não serão analisados projetos com ficha de inscrição incompleta ou enviados após o prazo de inscrição, que se encerra dia 11 de março de 2021.

II.8. The Mostra Museu - Arte na Quarentena is not responsible for problems with links or technical flaws that make it impossible to view documents, videos, and attachments.

II.9. The material provided to Amarello will not be for the exclusive use of Mostra Museu, which allows the artists to freely disclose their work.


III.1. Image and video works/works will be accepted. However, the content of the material may contain different languages of the visual arts: digital creations, drawing, design, sculpture, photography, graffiti, engraving, objects, painting, visual poetry, video art, collage, installation, performance, body art, projects of integrated art, among other hybrid manifestations that may not be recognizably related to the visual arts, as long as they were created after March 11, 2020.

III.2. Only images and videos sent according to the technical descriptions below will be accepted:

  • Image projects - technical descriptions:
    • Formats: JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, AI, or PDF
    • Resolution: equal to or higher than 300dpi.

Note: Taking into account that the urban exhibition platforms are vertical rectangles, please send projects that are in high resolution for printing in a area up to 900mm x 900mm. Consider projects in static images that follow the proportions in the following examples in order for the best visualization of submitted works.

  • Video projects - technical descriptions:
    • Formats: AVI, MJPEG, WMV, GIF, MP4, or MOV in a zipped file
    • Resolution: 1080 x 1080 px
    • Duration: up to 10 seconds, audio is optional. 

The video works will be shown on the Exhibition's website and social networks (with audio if the work includes it). On urban digital media platforms (no audio is available), shown similar to this example. Due to the short duration of the work, the applicant must pay attention to the rhythm of the content so that there are identifiable visual elements showing and that the work is fully observed.

III.3. For the purposes of the selection, some criteria are highlighted:

a. The expressive poetic quality of the works entered;

b. Conceptual relevance according to curatorial text and presentation of the project;

c. Creativity and aesthetic consistency of the work.

III.4. The curatorship will not be obliged to publicly justify its choices.

III.5. Bearing in mind that access to the Mostra is wide and without restrictions, it is not feasible to control the age group of the public. Therefore, the organization of Mostra Museu may disqualify visual works, at its sole discretion, whose respective projects contain content that is prohibited by Law No. 14.223 (Clean City Law) or inappropriate for public space, especially visual works that:

a. Incite pornography, violence or is contrary to an individual or shared moral;

b. Incite the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and the like, firearms, ammunition, and explosives;

c. Incite any type of discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, or ethnic origin;

d. Advertising works, political propaganda, or are for marketing purposes.

III.6. AMARELLO will contact the Selected Participants after March 15, 2021 using the information provided in the applicant’s registration form.

III.7. If any Selected Participant does not respond or cannot be accessed for a period of up to 03 (three) consecutive days after the first attempt by AMARELLO to contact them through all the contact information provided in the registration form, the selected participant may be immediately disqualified and replaced by another Participant selected by the curators.

III.8. The curatorship decision is final and unappealable, and no appeal is allowed against it.

III.9. The number of selected works/works will meet the festival's artistic and financial criteria.

III.10. There is no remuneration for the selected projects, although the Mostra Museu - Arte em Quarentena is considering a cash prize for 04 projects.


IV.0 The release date for the selected artists will take place on March 15, 2021 through publication on the website and by contacting the selected artists through the email they provided in the registration form.


V.1. After the beginning of the physical exhibition in public space, the jury composed of curators, co-curators, and Amarello will select 04 works that will be awarded. The Works selected for the award will receive remuneration, in the form of an artistic fee, in the gross amount of R $ 2,500.00 (two thousand, five hundred Brazilian reais), upon the issuance of a valid tax document to Amarello, with reference to the project.

Somente serão elegíveis para o recebimento dos prêmios previstos nesse artigo, por se tratar de verbas oriundas da Lei 14.017, de 29 de junho de 2020, artistas brasileiros, residentes e domiciliados neste país. O júri determinará as categorias de premiação após o processo de seleção das obras via chamamento. Uma nota informativa sobre as categorias e datas da premiação será publicada no site e redes sociais da Mostra Museu.

V.2. Os valores do prêmio são montantes brutos abarcando todos e quaisquer tributos ou encargos aplicáveis.



VII.1. Participants are solely responsible for the content delivered and transmitted by AMARELLO, taking full responsibility for their participation in the exhibition and placing AMARELLO outside any lawsuits or claims, voluntary or not, that involve the display of the artist’s content as a result of this cultural exhibition. Therefore, participants assume all the burden arising from such allegations, such as indemnities, losses and damages, court costs and attorney's fees, including AMARELLO's right of return against the respective participant.

VII.2. Participants will be responsible for the information provided in their registration. Participants who inform inaccurate, false, and/or who perform any type of activity deemed fraudulent, illegal, unlawful (such as, but not limited to, plagiarism or copyright infringement or violation of intellectual property) will be automatically disqualified and excluded from this Project as will anyone that violates the objectives of this Project and the rules established in this notice.

VII.3. Participation in this Project characterizes the acceptance and full recognition of all the rules established in this notice.

VII.4. Participation in this artistic call implies the cession and transfer to Amarello and its partners, on a free and non-exclusive basis, of the copyright related to the artwork registered, in addition to the images and audio sound files of the registered participant in relation to the MOSTRA MUSEU: ARTE EM QUARENTENA project in which the work and due credits must, in any event, be preserved, for a period of 10 years.

VII.5. The cession that is the object of this term also includes the use, by Amarello, for the purpose of the MOSTRA MUSEU: ARTE EM QUARENTENA under any modality provided for by law, including reproduction, dissemination, media production or any other means. This includes any editions, total or partial if necessary, and any number of copies, as well as their distribution, including national or foreign circulation, or medium or material used in storage or placement.

VII.6. The act of registration implies automatic and full agreement with all the terms of this call.

VII.7. The content of this call, including, but not limited to, the location of the exhibition and the selection and exhibition schedule, may be changed at any time. Notice will be given to the Participants through the Project website accessible through the address: 

For more information and/or questions contact us by e-mail:

São Paulo, February 8, 2021